Secure, Practical And Specialized

SECURE+ For Data Centre Cages and Enclosures


SECURE+ is a design-patented system that is fast to install, easy to modify,and just as easy to disassemble when required. SECURE+ is also customizable to fully utilize data centre space and optimize enclosure area. It is a full-proof system that is impenetrable. Boltless and seamless, SECURE+ enclosures are impervious to any kind of intrusion.

For decades, Suntronic has been deeply involved in the Singapore’s journey as a leading data centre hub. To date, the Suntronic team has designed and built more than a hundred modular SECURE+ enclosures for their clients. From the design and construction to the maintenance of commercial and industrial properties, Suntronic ensures that their clients can rely on a one-stop solution provider to handle the entire process.

SECURE+ For Glass Partitions And Panels


The SECURE+ Advantage

SECURE+ Conventional Panels
Operational Concerns
Stackable (up to 5 metres) Cannot exceed 3.3 metres
Pre-fabricated in the factory and can be installed in minimal time (180-man hours) Construction on-site can get messy and time-consuming (252-man hours)
Factory-fitted screws Drilling is required
Easily expandable, altered, or removed Messy to remove and non-reusable
Security Concerns
Boltless Exposed rivets
Screws are factory-fitted and pre-fabricated Risk of tampering
Other Considerations
Buy-back offered No buy-back
Panels are 90% reusable Up to 50% of conventional panels will be damaged during disassembly
As a complete unit, the system is durable and sturdy Made of separate components from different manufacturers; degree of durability will vary